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The Outdated Mechanistic Megadose Model

The following 3 Organic Tuscany Gold remedies have been formulated according to the “start low, go slow” approach to healing. A good analogy to this is that you would not feed someone who has been starving a 5-course meal right away. In the same way, it just makes logical sense to not prescribe a high dose of CBD oil, when most of us have been deficient in this important cannabidiol-like neurotransmitter most, if not all, of our lives. This principle is especially germane today in light of the fact that modern polypharmacy—toxic vaccines, gut-damaging antibiotics, and dangerous statin, SSRI’s, NSAIDS, and other popular prescription drugs, as well as toxic foods and excess sugar—have so significantly depleted our immune system functioning and impaired our liver’s ability to effectively detoxify. Therefore, for most of us, it is best to begin with the appropriate formula described below that most closely fits your current level of health, in order to slowly but surely replete your body’s natural cannabinoid system over time. Many knowledgeable holistic physicians and practitioners have learned this healing principle the hard way when their high doses of concentrated remedies backfire and overwhelm their patients’ systems with excessively inflammatory and aggravating reactions.

Thus, as many holistically-minded individuals have learned, the twentieth century’s megadose mechanistic model just does not work anymore for most patients’ chronically weakened states of health. It is clearly most optimal to gently nudge our immune and nervous systems back to normal functioning slowly over time. The Organic Tuscany Gold remedies were formulated exactly for this low-dose, gentle-but-effective approach, through the use of organic hemp plants cold-extracted and meticulously prepared, the one-of-a-kind PhytoDetox® process, sustainably sourced and carefully extracted red palm oil (not MCT oil), and organic extra virgin olive oil ordered directly from Tuscany, Italy.

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