Organic Tuscany Gold, Strength Formula

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Organic Tuscany Gold, Strength Formula

1 ounce amber glass bottle contains 40 mg CBD*, 1 drop = .08 mg CBD*, average dosage ranges from 5 drops = .4 mg, to 30 drops = 2.4 mg.

The Strength Formula is appropriate for individuals who are under significant stress—work, exercise, lifestyle, or some type of life crisis—and need the extra strength and support that many individuals have experienced while taking CBD oil. It also includes individuals already in excellent shape but who want to experience the benefits of more energy, endurance, and the peace of mind that optimal health can bestow. If this fits your constitution and lifestyle then the Organic Tuscany Gold, Strength Formula may be appropriate for you. The ABC supplement is additionally recommended, in order to efficiently bind any endogenous toxins and inflammatory by-products that can be released through the action of the Organic Tuscany Gold remedy

Dosage Suggestions

* Contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids (primarily CBD, along with CBDV, CBDa, CBC, CBG, CBE, and CBN) and terpenes—all naturally-occurring phytoconstituents found in hemp oil, with negligible levels (considerably less than .3%) of THC.



Inflammation and Brain Fog (M.L., Texas)

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3 reviews for Organic Tuscany Gold, Strength Formula

  1. J.J. (Texas)

    “I felt instantly soothed…An immediate wave of relief after taking the new Strength Formula. Emotionally I feel de-stressed with a clearer perspective. I’ve been fighting off a cough and the inflammation in my chest feels so much better. I seriously couldn’t be more impressed.”

  2. S.P.

    The Strength Forumla has been fantastic for treating anxiety/depression. I am a believer in trying to use natural treatments as much as possible, and was already taking supplements for my anxiety/depression. They were helping, but I was still in need of something more. Shortly after I began using the Strength Formula, I noticed my anxiety had melted away. I was able to attend two stressful social events without my social anxiety rearing it’s ugly head. My thoughts are calm, and my depression seems to have vanished. I am much healthier, mentally, after just a few weeks of using this oil.

  3. Canadian Patient

    Thanks Louisa, it is very effective with the anxiety.

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