Organic Tuscany Gold, Sensitive Formula

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Organic Tuscany Gold, Sensitive Formula

½ ounce amber glass bottle, 5 mg CBD*, 1 drop = 16.6 mcg CBD*

This gentle microdose formula is recommended for medication-sensitive (and supplement-sensitive) individuals, and/or those who are living with significantly disturbing symptoms or have been chronically ill. It was also formulated for those who have had an adverse reaction to CBD oil in the past, and are afraid to try any other too-concentrated brands that are out there in the market. Please note that the ABC supplement is recommended to take in conjunction with all the Organic Tuscany Gold formulas, but it is especially imperative to combine with the Sensitive Formula in order to reduce any excessive inflammatory healing reactions in ill or sensitive individuals.

Dosage Suggestions

* Contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids (primarily CBD, along with CBDV, CBDa, CBC, CBG, CBE, and CBN) and terpenes—all naturally-occurring phytoconstituents found in hemp oil, with negligible levels (considerably less than .3%) of THC.


Joint Inflammation – T.C., Washington


Digestive and Cognitive Issues, Back and Joint Pain – S.R., New Mexico

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5 reviews for Organic Tuscany Gold, Sensitive Formula

  1. Dallas Patient

    For the first time in years, since I started Tuscany Gold a few months ago, I am sleeping 7 hours a night—without sleeping pills! I wake refreshed and alert. It’s the sleep I used to enjoy as a kid and I am astounded in this result.
    Thank you!

  2. Arizona Nutritionist

    My memory is a lot sharper after taking the Tuscany Gold. Friends ask “How did you remember that?” —and I tell them it’s from this CBD oil! Things are more clear mentally now and also I’m less depressed.

  3. California Acupuncturist

    Report from me the guinea pig. I could feel a shift almost immediately after putting a drop of Sensitive on K1. It was a general sense of well being that pervaded body and awareness.

    Put a drop on P6 before bed and felt too stimulated to sleep. I have not used it at bedtime since then.

    It has been several days now of pulsing. I have started to put a drop or 2 under the tongue during the morning or early afternoon.

    Seems I am quite sensitive. I wonder if I will need to take a stronger dose.

    Overall I am surprised and pleased with my experience.

    Thank you.

  4. Austin Patient

    I found the oil helpful, I started slow with just a couple of drops in the evening, but eventually got to most of a dropper-full in the evening and a couple of drops in the morning. It helped to calm my nervous system in a subtle but very tangible way, and I also noticed a ~75% reduction in migraine visual aura symptoms! I am ordering the Balance Formula today—Thank you.

  5. California Artist (verified owner)

    The Tuscany Gold seems to be really strengthening my immune system, and I barely get any gut/bladder symptoms anymore!

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