Organic Tuscany Gold, Balance Formula

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Organic Tuscany Gold, Balance Formula

1 ounce amber glass bottle contains 20 mg CBD*, 1 drop = .04 mg CBD*, average dosage ranges from 5 drops = .2 mg, to 30 drops = 1.2 mg

The Balance Formula is best suited for individuals who are not exceptionally medication-sensitive (or supplement-sensitive) and who are not currently ill, but do have various functional symptoms that may respond to quality CBD oil. It is also appropriate for those who have been on the Sensitive Formula for 2 to 6 months or longer, and are ready to move to a bit stronger formula. The ABC supplement is additionally recommended, in order to efficiently bind any endogenous toxins and inflammatory by-products that can be released through the action of the Organic Tuscany Gold remedy.

Dosage Suggestions

* Contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids (primarily CBD, along with CBDV, CBDa, CBC, CBG, CBE, and CBN) and terpenes—all naturally-occurring phytoconstituents found in hemp oil, with negligible levels (considerably less than .3%) of THC.


Sleep Issues – J.B., Arizona


Back Pain and Anxiety (J.C., Washington)

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4 reviews for Organic Tuscany Gold, Balance Formula

  1. Washington Patient

    The Balance CBD works beautifully while I sleep. It makes me sleep so soundly, and I feel good when I wake up in the morning…and I still take the charcoal as well with this.

  2. Southern CA Patient

    This stuff is Amazing! I am moving quicker with the dosage because I do not mind having a little sore throat sometimes. Other than that this makes me feel very good on every level. Honestly I have not been in such a good mood for a long time. You are not gonna run out I hope!?

  3. Oregon Patient

    The Constitutional Remedy is great (wish I was taking it 2x week) and the OTG Balance Formula is also amazing (using it at night and sleeping like a rock). Subtle but big improvements overall – many thanks!

  4. Janet (verified owner)

    For the first time in years, since I started Tuscany Gold a few months ago, I am sleeping 7 hours a night. Without sleeping pills! I wake refreshed and alert. It’s the sleep I used to enjoy as a kid and I am astounded in this result. Thank you!

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