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Activated charcoal taken orally can neutralize many of the inflammatory by-products and chemicals that are released through the detoxifying action of Organic Tuscany Gold CBD oil. When these circulating toxins are released from neurotransmitter sites and other tissues they can trigger various symptoms including fatigue, “brain fog,” joint and muscle achiness, and just general malaise (“flu-ish” or just don’t feel well). These common detox symptoms are primarily due to the build-up of excessive aldehyde (feeling of a hangover even without the alcohol) and ammonia (fatigue, brain fog, muscle weakness) in the body caused by faulty liver detoxification and reduced kidney filtration.

By trapping these toxins in its millions of tiny pores, activated charcoal binds these toxic chemicals where they can then be soaked up and assimilated in the blood stream and effectively excreted from the body. This chemical process is called adsorption, when positively charged toxins bond with the negatively charged charcoal. The best quality of charcoal is activated bamboo charcoal, or what we call ABC. And yes, various brands of activated bamboo charcoal vary widely in their effectiveness. This particular steam activated brand has tested out superiorly both clinically and energetically over time on hundreds of patients.

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3 reviews for Activated Bamboo Charcoal

  1. Oregon Patient

    I love the new ABC powder! It feels like a very gentle detox and helps with bloating and when I feel a lot of pain/inflammation coming on. I also used it every day on my shingles and it helped dramatically.

  2. California Patient

    The ABC seems to be slowly but steadily moving the toxicity out of our bodies….had a very different BM this morning…And also took it for joint pain and it went away. The ABC is pretty amazing

  3. Mother of Autistic Child

    The ABC charcoal is working well with him especially at tantrum/meltdown moments. He has these unexplainable, no trigger meltdowns, which sometimes look like migraine headaches and sometimes look like unregulated emotional breakdowns. If I give him a quarter of a tsp of ABC at that time, the meltdown resolves in a few minutes.

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