ABC: Activated Bamboo Charcoal Slurry

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ABC Slurry: Activated Bamboo Charcoal Slurry



Activated charcoal has been used as a poultice acutely for centuries to help antidote and clear the effects of snake bites, spider bites, mushroom poisoning, and insect stings. With this stellar history of effective detoxification—even the FDA approves it for acute food or drug poisoning—one would think that it would also be therapeutic for chronic intoxications as well. And clinically this has panned out. That is, chronic gut dysbiosis, biliary and liver congestion, bronchial inflammation, and joint and muscle pain do respond well to ABC slurries (activated bamboo charcoal mixed with oil) applied topically over a particular dysfunctional or painful organ or tissue. Additionally, skin absorption of ABC is bit gentler than oral ingestion, and therefore can be especially beneficial for sensitive individuals. For example, sensitive or chronically ill individuals needing to clear their chronic gut dysbiosis and intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”) may find that beginning with the ABC Slurry topically first on distal acupressure points, and then (in very small amounts) over their abdomen one to three times a week, is a gentler way than oral ingestion to benefit from the detoxifying effects of activated charcoal.


However, the typical poultice remedy recipe used traditionally—a large amount placed over the skin for an hour or so—can be too strongly detoxifying for non-emergency symptoms. Further, the recommendation of ground up flax seeds classically used in charcoal poultices doesn’t test as well energetically or clinically on patients as Primal Oil. Therefore, ABC Slurry—a combination of ABC, or Activated Bamboo Charcoal, and Primal Oil—was formulated. The ABC Slurry comes with a small organic bamboo spoon for easy application. In fact, this bamboo spoon is the first and only USDA certified organic utensil!


Application of the ABC Slurry

Sensitive or Chronically Ill Individuals: Drop a drop of the ABC Slurry on both sides (right and left foot or right and left wrist) of Kidney 1 or Pericardium 6 acupressure points and rub them into the skin. Do this one to three times a week.


Less Sensitive Individuals and/or Those With Only a Few Chronic Symptoms: Drop a small dab or a small spoonful of the ABC Slurry over an area of toxicity or dysfunction—eg, organs (lungs, stomach, gut, kidney, liver, etc.), focal infections (tonsils, sinuses, old scars, etc.), or painful areas (joints, muscles, etc.). Rub this into your skin one time a day or every other day.


Note 1: For dental focal infections or gingivitis the ABC Slurry can be applied directly to the gum area surrounding the tooth or the socket. A small dab or two rubbed into the gums is usually sufficient to reduce inflammation. Be sure to consult with a biological dentist if the gums or focal area do not respond to this treatment.


Note 2: The charcoal can definitely stain clothes and sheets, so be sure to rub it into the skin before bed or the skin area that will be touching clothing.



The healing and detoxifying action of activated charcoal can be quite remarkable, and it is hoped that through the use of the ABC orally, as well as topically as described in this handout, many chronic symptoms can be reduced and even cleared. However, always consult with your holistic doctor or practitioner, or biological dentist, if your symptoms do not abate within a timely manner.



Foot and Wrist Acupressure Points:

New and Improved!

ABC Slurry: Activated Bamboo Charcoal Slurry


There are 3 changes to the ABC Slurry:


  1. It now comes in Miron violet glass jars that block degrading visible light frequencies which can prematurely degrade and damage nutrients, while allowing visible violet light and non-visible far-infrared light that confer beneficial biophoton light into the Organic Black Seed oil. The healing properties of this violet glass not only increase the shelf life of this ABC Slurry, but also prolong its bio-energy and potency. When you finish with your Slurry wash out the jar thoroughly, and then re-use it to preserve and increase the energy of vitamin supplements, herbal teas, or homemade skin creams and lotions.
  2. I have found that the black seed oil alone tests better than the combination Primal Oil, so the ABC Slurry is now a combo of the Organic Black Seed Oil and the wildcrafted Activated Bamboo Charcoal (the best-testing charcoal I have clinically tested).
  3. And finally, I have found it works best when frozen! Therefore, when you receive your ABC Slurry stir it with the enclosed tongue depressor (easier to scrape off into the jar after) and then immediately freeze it. Although some charcoal will drift to the bottom (and you can stir it up intermittently), for the most part freezing the jar keeps the charcoal and oil nicely mixed in a thick syrupy slurry. Then you can take your organic bamboo spoon and put a dab or more on the skin over any areas that require detoxification (gut, liver, lungs, etc.) or need pain reduction (joints, cranial bones/headaches, etc.). Plus freezing the Slurry prevents rancidity of the Organic Black Seed Oil and keeps it fresh much longer.

Size: 1.7-ounce glass jar of activated bamboo charcoal mixed with Primal Oil + small certified organic bamboo spoon

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  1. Marin County Patient

    The new ABC Slurry is amazing! Every time I would put a dab of it on my shingles within minutes the redness and inflammation would be significant different. My shingles cleared up right away—within a few days—with this great remedy. Thanks!

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