Summary of remedies


Organic Tuscany Gold For Every Constitution

All of the Organic Tuscany Gold botanical remedies are made from PhytoDetoxed® organic CBD oil extracted in sustainably-sourced red palm oil from a pristine Malaysian island, and then bottled in organic extra virgin olive oil ordered directly from Tuscany. However, the amount of the CBD oil in each formula, as well as the dosage suggestions, have been finely tuned to complement the constitution and the level of health of the following three different types of individuals:

  1. Organic Tuscany Gold, Sensitive Formula – There is a significant percentage of sensitive individuals who have had an adverse reaction to CBD oil and are afraid to try it again. Additionally, there are others who are afraid to take this remedy because of the weakened and depleted state of their health from dealing with chronic symptoms for years. The Organic Tuscany Gold, Sensitive Formula remedy was produced as a gentler introduction to CBD oil for both these groups. Through the use of organic ingredients and phytodetoxification, smaller amounts of CBD oil diluted in organic extra virgin olive oil, and topical dosage recommendations, sensitive individuals or those with a weakened constitution can experience the benefits, slowly but surely, of this very healing remedy over time
  2. Organic Tuscany Gold, Balance Formula – This remedy was formulated for individuals who are not currently ill or very sensitive, but do have some functional symptoms that may respond to CBD oil. Organic Tuscany Gold, Balance Formula is thus appropriate for those who are in reasonable health but would like to achieve more optimal health and wellbeing. Additionally, this Balance Formula is typically the remedy that many sensitive patients turn to after they have been on the Sensitive Formula for a few months, and are then ready for a bit stronger dosage in order to experience continued healing effects.
  3. Organic Tuscany Gold, Strength Formula – This extra-strength formula was designed for those who are living under significant stress in their lives and need extra strength and support. This can include individuals working 10 to 14 hours a day, professional athletes or those who work out intensely, or those undergoing major stress (divorce, death, relocation, etc.). It also includes individuals already in excellent shape but who want to experience the benefits of more energy, endurance, and the peace of mind that optimal health can bestow. If this fits your constitution and lifestyle right now—and you are not feeling too depleted (if you are begin with the Sensitive Formula)—then Organic Tuscany Gold, Strength Formula may be appropriate for you.