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Cognitive Issues (R.D., Florida)
"I was super skeptical of the Tuscany Gold. Is this really going to work? In the past I have tried other CBD oils with no real effects...But your Tuscany Gold made a HUGE differene in how my brain works! I feel a deeper connection in my brain now and am much more aligned with my intuition. It is amazing!"
Sleep and Bladder Symptoms (O.P., California)
"After beginning the Tuscany Gold I began sleeping for 6-7-8 hours a night regularly for the first time in many years—perhaps a decade! My energy feels very good now too, and almost no symptoms with the bladder twinges anymore."
Autism (N.K., Texas)
The ABC charcoal is working well with him especially at tantrum/meltdown moments. He has these unexplainable, no trigger meltdowns, which sometimes look like migraine headaches and sometimes look like unregulated emotional breakdowns. If I give him a quarter of a tsp of ABC at that time, the meltdown resolves in a few minutes.
Parkinson’s (C.D., Georgia)
The Tuscany Gold clears my head—causes me not to be fuzzy brained. It makes my thinking clearer and that makes me feel better!
Chiropractic Doctor (C.M., California)
"My patients are experiencing significant changes from the OTG CBD oil! I have seen positive results from many symptoms including anxiety (+ ADHD in an 8 year old child), depression, arthritis and muscle pain (fibromyalgia diagnosis), chronic fatigue and lack of motivation, “brain fog," and insomnia. I also appreciate that these CBD oils have been energetically tested (kinesiology, MRT) for the most optimal ratio and dosage of CBD per bottle, and that I can fine tune the 3 different strengths according to my patients’ constitutions using my own testing methods."
Art by Monica Bedini